Be yourself. Work with out­standing people.

Zillow Experience Design

Zillow’s experience design team gives you the resources, support, and opportunities to do your best work. You’ll collaborate, contribute, learn, and grow. And it’ll be fun!

Multiple disciplines. Singular vision.

We’re a team of more than 100 minds across six function areas, all taking a human-centered approach to solving user problems. With a shared focus on creativity, empathy, and precision, we work together to tackle every challenge with design thinking. Questioning assumptions, digging in, exploring, iterating—this is how we fulfill our mission:

We craft innovative experiences to make Zillow the most-loved place to buy, sell, or rent a home.

Product Design

Product designers solve meaningful problems for Zillow’s customers and business through a robust user-centered design practice. They explore and define problems, imagine and design solutions, evaluate quality and usefulness, and continually increase the value of products and services.

Kuzdai Chinyadza
The beauty of Product Design is that I get to actively exercise my interest in disciplines like Art, Human Factors, Engineering, Research, and more to come up with impactful solutions to real world problems.
Kuzdai Chinyadza
Product Designer

Service Design

Through a holistic systems-oriented approach, this team extends our design focus beyond digital touchpoints and considers every facet of the end-to-end user experience, both digital and physical. This includes identifying and integrating the people, processes, and technology that enable Zillow to deliver that end-to-end experience.

Yena Ahn
Service design uniquely positions us to think through complex problems and view experiences like an orchestra. I’m passionate about this intention to deliver value and design desirable experiences across multiple channels to meet customer needs.
Yena Ahn
Senior Product Designer

Content Design

Applying content strategy and UX writing skills, content designers ensure our products effectively deliver the information customers need to achieve their goals. This team defines and maintains product voice and tone standards, as well as style and usage guidelines, to create consistent writing throughout the user interface.

Josh Chuzi
Content Designers have the best seat in the house! Because our voice touches every part of the business, it’s necessary to have an unobstructed view of the playing field, spanning from Product to Marketing to Brand, and even Legal and Corporate Relations. There are no silos, only opportunities for better connections.
Josh Chuzi
Senior Content Designer

Experience Research

Solving customer problems starts with understanding our customers. Our researchers pair a toolkit of diverse research and testing methods with in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis to deliver insights.

Claudia Guerrero
Why do I love UX research? It allows me to see the world through some else’s eyes. It helps us to connect the dots. UX research is important because it will enable us to discover and understand anything that affects a user’s experience with a product or service. When done at the beginning of the design process, it allows us to determine user needs early.
Claudia Guerrero
Senior Experience Researcher

Design Operations

Zillow Design Program Managers optimize and ease the craft of design to build healthy and high-performing teams that consistently ship impactful work. They’re problem solvers who care deeply for our customers by orchestrating organizational process, systems, and experience improvements.

Kristen Ingels
I’ve always been the type of person who loves to think about how design works. Design Ops gives me the opportunity to do just that, with a focus on creating and scaling ways of working that makes space for our team to focus on design.
Kristen Ingels
Senior Design Program Manager

Design Systems

The design systems team creates tools, processes, and a shared understanding between designers, engineers, and product teams on how to build consistent, high-quality experiences at scale.

Andy Le
Design systems, to me, is like a well-organized and -maintained workshop: There are tools, rules, and guides set up to allow creative minds to work faster and better together. Through our design system, Constellation, we can come together across the business to build seamless, accessible, and on-brand experiences at scale for our customers.
Andy Le
Product Designer
Geographically distributed. Deeply connected.

Most of our team is currently on the West Coast, because pre-pandemic we were split between Zillow Group’s San Francisco and Seattle offices.

The company as a whole has since moved to a distributed workforce model, with remote employees based all over the United States. In the future, while remote will always be an option, employees in select cities may be able to chose in-office or hybrid working models.

Thanks to asynchronous communication, a wealth of advanced tools, and a culture of trust and empowerment, our thriving, increasingly far-flung experience design team now has a researcher in Phoenix, a product designer in South Carolina, a content designer in San Diego, and candidates interviewing from all over the country.

Principal Experience Researcher
UX Design Manager
Orange County
Product Designer
Design Systems Manager
Principal Designer
South Carolina
Senior Content Designer

A close-knit team. A little fun every day.

Our team’s dedicated Morale Squad takes the lead in recognizing personal milestones and planning activities. Some of the highlights include:

Friday Icebreakers

Creative prompts encourage sharing and discussion that builds connections between us.


Our weekly happy hour offers a time for cocktail education and low-key socializing.

Recipe Collection

Gathering culinary favorites helps us explore our diverse traditions and cultures. View recipes

Halloween Jamboree

We reimagined Zillow’s favorite holiday for our remote team, with trivia, a magic show, a scavenger hunt, a costume contest, and more.

Gratitude Swarm

This virtual whiteboarding activity gives us an opportunity to express what we appreciate about our colleagues and teams.

Tools to support design excellence. Process to deliver efficiency.

Design sprints
Focus on defining customer needs and exploring possible solutions
UI Tenets & Traps™
Provides a common language for effective evaluation and critique
UX outcomes, critical moments, journey maps, and personas
Foster deep understanding of user needs and attitudes
Constellation Design System
Supplies a library of components, patterns, and guidelines
Office hours
Offer a resource for guidance on specialized topics like content strategy, accessibility, design process, and more
Critiques, informal reviews, and weekly lead check-ins
Deliver feedback at any stage of the design process
Presenting work at the team- and company-level
Empowers us to get recognized for our work and show how it impacts the business
Protips Slack channel
Enables us to share everything from Figma tricks to monitor recommendations
Design book club
Provides a forum for monitoroderated discussions on topics that shape our discipline

Structured, thought­ful assess­ment. Constant growth and improve­ment.

By nurturing consistency and confidence, Zillow’s experience design leaders equip every person on the team to flourish. Scheduled check-ins help ensure you’re using your full capabilities, and identify new opportunities to contribute and grow in how you frame problems, execute on tactical and strategic initiatives, communicate, and influence others.

Collection of employee hero symbols

Articulating our motivations, beliefs, and defining qualities, then expressing them in “hero symbols.”

Stylized skill matrices

Evaluating our broad and focused skills, then setting goals that help us advance.

Binoculars over a grid of geometric drawings

Developing design leaders, which means not only guiding individual contributors who want to become managers, but also strengthening our organizational culture through a structured growth framework that helps managers continue building their skills.

Kristin Acker

Design influence at Zillow Group

Zillow Group’s executive leadership team includes our Senior Vice President of Experience Design, a role established by Zillow cofounder Kristin Acker. This presence brings deep customer understanding and advocacy to the table; promotes the business value of well-designed products; and ensures decisions are based on testing solutions with real customers, then iterating with the insights gained.

With informed executive support for our organization, our design leaders can better serve the evolving needs of our customers, adapt processes to changing conditions, move concepts from abstract to concrete, and influence customer behavior across all touchpoints.

slide projector

Interviewing for a role on our team

Our interview process kicks off with conversations with the recruiter and hiring manager. Candidates present a project or two from their portfolios to share their background and illustrate their design thinking, process, and approach to solving user problems.

Advancing to the next step involves presenting and discussing work with partners from design, research, and product teams, as well as talking through a hypothetical design scenario. One-on-one interviews provide an opportunity to discuss the role, the team, and Zillow life.

potted plant

Design + Zillow For Good

In 2020, Zillow Group and its employees raised over $1.2 million to directly benefit our communities. The Zillow for Good program allows employees to give back through payroll deductions, annual donation matching, time off for individual and team volunteering, and fundraising events like the annual Holiday Charity Auction.

Zillow Group is particularly focused on building a more just housing ecosystem by enabling equitable access to safe and stable homes for all people, regardless of their circumstance.

Our economic research on racial disparity in homeownership rates, home values, and rental application acceptance assists partners and policymakers in efforts to close the gap in fair housing and support communities who have experienced discrimination.

Within ZxD, we’re working to improve Zillow’s products and services through inclusive design. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (level A and AA success criteria) and are developing inclusive language guidelines.